0553 Fuji
Soft touch transparent finish

A transparent varnish gently laying on interior colours to grant a sensation of pleasant softness to the touch.

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Technical Data
Dilute with
ready to use
Applications with
short pile roller, brush
12 - 15 m²/l with one coat
transparent, Fuji cannot be tinted. The final colour is given by the tinted base.
Type of Binder
polyurethane resin in aqueous dispersion
Indicative spreading
4 L
Colors folder
6x1 L
Colors folder
Surfaces must be treated as indicated in techinical data sheet. Then apply a coat of Alba, in the deired tint, wait for complete drying and then apply Fuji.
with roller
obtaining a perfectly uniform and flowing effect. The milky look of the newly applied coat will disappear once dried. Dip the roller straight into the container and keep it loaded all along. You can apply a second decorative coat in order to enhance the soft effect, if the base has absorbed too much of the first coat.
Apply a coat of FUJI with semi-circular movements, taking care to spread it in a homogeneous and uniform way. This type of application technique is recommended for profiles or small areas only.
Colors folder
O FJ 020 O FJ 046 O FJ 004 O FJ 063 O FJ 016
O FJ 022 O FJ 035 O FJ 038 O FJ 015 O FJ 013
O FJ 051 O FJ 064 O FJ 026 O FJ 050 O FJ 017
O FJ 041 O FJ 014 O FJ 048 O FJ 005 O FJ 031
O FJ 059 O FJ 071 O FJ 076 O FJ 053 O FJ 001
O FJ 001 O FJ 075 O FJ 010 O FJ 034 O FJ 019
O FJ 025 O FJ 054 O FJ 037 O FJ 052 O FJ 021
O FJ 072 O FJ 002 O FJ 062 O FJ 040 O FJ 077
O FJ 030 O FJ 049 O FJ 081 O FJ 079 O FJ 056
O FJ 036 O FJ 029 O FJ 057 O FJ 068 O FJ 023
O FJ 061 O FJ 039 O FJ 055 O FJ 043 O FJ 082
O FJ 045 O FJ 044 O FJ 074 O FJ 042 O FJ 009
O FJ 003 O FJ 066 O FJ 065 O FJ 028 O FJ 084
O FJ 007 O FJ 067 O FJ 047 O FJ 073 O FJ 027
O FJ 024 O FJ 078 O FJ 080 O FJ 032 O FJ 070
O FJ 083 O FJ 069 O FJ 006 O FJ 033 O FJ 011
O FJ 058 O FJ 060 O FJ 008 O FJ 012 O FJ 060
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