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Glossy venetian stucco

“Venetian Stucco” for interiors, ideal for glossy fi nishes. This decoration recreates the feeling of Venice ancient palaces with the colours and effects of modern design.

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Technical Data
Dilute with
ready to use
Applications with
steel trowel, steel spatula
1 - 1,3 kg/m² per 3 coats
white and chart tints
Type of Binder
aqueous acrylic dispersione
20 kg
Colors folder
white and chart tints
5 kg
Colors folder
6 x 1 kg
Colors folder
Surfaces must be treated as indicated in technical data sheet. Smooth the substrate with successive KALLE coats using a steel trowel up to obtain a smooth and even surface. After about 12 hours, sand down with fine-grained paper and remove the dust thoroughly. To finish, apply a further layer of KALLE overlaying the knife strokes, working with a more or less wide spatula, according to the desired effect. After about 10 minutes pass the spatula over and over again with circular movements, pressing gently in order to obtain a glossy effect.
Colors folder
O KL 049 O KL 008 O KL 005 O KL 027 O KL 024
O KL 017 O KL 003 O KL 0041 O KL 0047 O KL 002
O KL 036 O KL 011 O KL 026 O KL 032 O KL 019
O KL 009 O KL 012 O KL 034 O KL 029 O KL 021
O KL 006 O KL 031 O KL 015 O KL 010 O KL 033
O KL 025 O KL 043 O KL 042 O KL 038 O KL 028
O KL 020 O KL 026 O KL 035 O KL 040 O KL 001
O KL 037 O KL 045 O KL 018 O KL 039 O KL 048
O KL 013 O KL 014 O KL 044 O KL 030 O KL 016
O KL 046 O KL 007 O KL 004 O KL 022
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