0555 Geode
Sandblasted effect decorative finish

Sophisticated decorative finish with sandblasting effect, soft and with warm colours. The attractive texture provides elegance and personality to both classical and modern ambiances.

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Technical Data
Dilute with
ready to use
Applications with
spalter type brush, PVC spatula for decorations, glove
4 - 5 m²/l per two coats
see colour card
Type of Binder
vinyl resin dispersion
4 L
Colors folder
Base neutra
6 x 1 L
Colors folder
Base neutra
On the support properly prepared as indicated in the data sheet, apply a base coat of white Alba.
With brush and palette knife PVC decorative
Apply a first coat of GEODE using a spalter brush or a flat brush; spread the product on the surface with alternating tracts and in a homogeneous quantity. After about 2 ¸ 3 hours, apply with the same method a second coat of GEODE, wait a few minutes and smooth the surface using the PVC spatula before the product is completely dry. Best results are obtained when keeping a minimum angle between the spatula and the substrate; the smoothing work enables to remove possible rests and increases the whitening effect which is typical of GEODE.
with glove
Dip the GP glove into the GEODE container and apply the product with circular movements in order to obtain a suitably homogeneous finish. After about 2 ¸ 3 hours, apply with the same technique a second coat of GEODE, wait for some minutes and, before the product dries up, smooth the surface with the PVC spatula.
Colors folder
O GE 022 O GE 014 O GE 025 O GE 018 O GE 004
O GE 021 O GE 013 O GE 005 O GE 007 O GE 008
O GE 006 O GE 033 O GE 019 O GE 012 O GE 031
O GE 020 O GE 027 O GE 026 O GE 003 O GE 032
O GE 023 O GE 001 O GE 030 O GE 029 O GE 002
O GE 010 O GE 017 O GE 028 O GE 016 O GE 009
O GE 011 O GE 024
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