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Top coats

Transparent finishing coats and two-pack enamels for cars and industrial vehicle.
Clear coats - Enamels


Insulating, filling, one and two component, water-based and solvenat-based primers, to be applied on different surfaces such as sheets, galvanized sheets, plastic surfaces, light alloys, iron
Primers and fillers - One component fine fillers


Universal polyester fillers with different specific weight, with excellent adhesion to differents surfaces: galvanized sheets, steel, aluminium, lightweight alloys and fibreglass. Of particular interest is METAL FILL: it is an universal polyester filler with metal powder suitable to reconstruct corroded and demaged metal parts.

Polyester fillers

Two-component polyester fillers paste for the reconstruction of missing or strongly damaged parts of the body car and for repairs on sheet. Products for thick layers and thin smoothings.

Spray repair

Spray products: primer, adhesion primer for special surfaces, insulating and filling primers, sound-deadening products, textured paint for plastic bumpers, transparent varnishes and for high temperature,aluminium wheels, zinc coatings. The product range is also suitable for "do-it-yourself" use

Products for plastic

illers, primers for plastic cars surfaces. Products studied for small repairs of bumpers or for to prepare plastic materials before applying primers. Bumper Paint is a textured paint for bumpers and plastic trims of different kind.


Finishing polish to eliminate to get rid of halos left behind by polishing agents, remove any mark left behind by wet sanding, or small scratches due to carwash brushes.

Sealers and adhesives

One and two component plate sealers. In body shop field, they are suitable for body sealing jobs in car chassis or as sound-deadener and anti-stone products behind fenders and in the lower car panels.

Sound-deadening products

Sound-deadening, anti-stone, soundproofing, water-based and solvent-based protectives. Suitable in bodyshop for car bottoms, underside of fenders, lower door parts, motor compartment, car bagagges or industrial truck bottoms.

Specific products

Full fibreglass repair kit, peeling proctetive varnish, anticorrosion protective compound for car cavities and non accessible sections.

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