Environmental protection

A contemporary business culture

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For any company, the respect of the environment is a concern that demonstrates sensitivity and awareness towards our future, a responsible attitude towards a model of sustainable development.

For many companies this sensitivity translates into virtuous practices, side initiatives, special attention on consumption, choice of the suppliers, use of the materials.

For a chemical company, environmental protection is more than just a special initiative, but involves every single aspect of its business, posing a continuous series of strategic, technological, functional and financial challenges that invest every moment and sector of the organisation, from the research to the production, from training to the relationship with the customer.

A contemporary business culture makes IMPA a company that considers environmental protection to be an integral part of its mission, a value to promote with the simplicity and transparency of those who are well aware of the commitment required, but also of the efforts already implemented and the important objectives achieved.

Continuous commitment to sustainable products

Consistent with this vision, in 1992 IMPA was one of the first Italian companies to support Responsible Care, the program promoted by Federchimica that represents the world chemical industry's commitment to the environment, safety and health.

For years, the company has been using its own resources to design eco-compatible products, orientating its research activities towards developing water-based products and process innovations to protect the health of users.

Convinced that this policy is also an important market opportunity, as a strategic line we have chosen to develop futuristic and sustainable products and to offer training and information activities to our personnel on the main innovations introduced, the legal requirements, and on alternative water-based products.

The environmental certification is an excellent testimonial

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The ISO 14001 environmental certification is another step towards this path of growth, made of investments, planning, and daily work. And also of unexpected surprises and initiatives.

This is the case of Smeraldino, IMPA's testimonial for its environmental policy. In 2005 an entire colony of European green toads settled in the company's water collection tank and were immediately welcomed as unexpected mascots of the company.


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