Think about the customer, of tomorrow

Our mission gives innovation the job of leading us towards the future and achieving our objectives. Product and process innovation guarantees our continuous path towards growth.

Our work philosophy then orientates the search for the "new" around the values that are vitally important to us: a model of sustainable development and attention to customer requirements.

We want to occupy ourselves today with what the market and society will need for tomorrow, and we are certain that the way we face this challenge will be the real added value for the customer, and consequently, our reward on the market.

Product and process innovation

The same close relationship we wanted to create between product innovation and process innovation is placed in this context, representing a triple benefit: a research path towards more environmentally friendly solutions, an advantage for the customer and an important competitive factor for the company.

The innovative dynamics for IMPA, therefore, do not only take place during the product design, but also in other phases, such as the management of the production process or the positioning of the finished product via an adequate system of distribution and connection with the specific requirements of a customer. This approach involves all the company sectors and has allowed IMPA to receive a special mention in the 2009 Imprese X Innovazione Awards, an award financed by the Presidency of the Republic.

Eco-compatible products and new technical standards

The business strategy aimed at searching for new applications and continuous technological innovation was achieved by producing a range of hi-tech and high performance products and services, called "HT Innovation".

This line of research is part of a path undertaken by the company years ago to develop eco-compatible products and to progressively replace solvent-based products with water-based products. In 2007, the company was awarded the Product Stewardship Award. This award is part of the Responsible Care program supported by Federchimica, and recognised IMPA's commitment towards developing and promoting paint products with low environmental impact that are healthier and safer to use.

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