Innovation, style, creativity

Our work involves moulding ideas, stirring emotions, allowing aesthetic experiences to live and breathe. Always in a new and contemporary way.

Vision: our vision

To create contemporary ideas.
To develop innovative products for guaranteeing concepts that are always abreast with the times.

Mission: our mission

As manufacturers.
To be, thanks to our experience, the reference Italian brand for people who want innovative products that improve the aesthetics and functionality of the surfaces.

As a company.
To be a company that operates in respect of the environment, with transparency and loyalty towards people, through strong economic growth.

Values: Our values

Know how to do. Only experience guarantees product and service reliability.
Know how to look. To understand and make innovations.
Know how to listen. To give maximum attention to the customer.
Know how to grow. With values, culture, respect, relationships, responsibility.

Our calling card


IMPA's Human Resources are the heart of the company's development and success.

Consistency, transparency and respect guide every decision and behaviour, in a context of trust and fairness towards all collaborators.

We reward passion, intellectual curiosity, healthy competitive spirit, the capacity to work in a team, all essential components for developing our business culture.



We operate in respect of the environment and the safety of people, aware of our social and ethical responsibilities towards the community.

The issue of health, safety and environmental protection is one of the most complex issues that a small chemical company must face.

IMPA not only considers this challenge as a series of standards to comply with, but also as a fundamental objective to aspire to day after day./p>

Despite the fact that IMPA cannot commit the same amount of resources as a large company toenvironmental protection , the environment continues to be one of the company's main priorities. This means searching, investing, planning, anticipating, predicting and inventing. In short: working today for tomorrow.


We constantly focus on innovation, on creating products and services of superior quality that are perceived on the market as distinctive and unique.

L'innovazione this is our "passport to the future". Our ability to create, improve and provide new solutions is what drives our growth, what distinguishes us on the market, the value that attracts and fosters loyalty in customers.

IMPA's innovative dynamics are not only engaged during the product design, but also in other phases, such as the management of the production process, distribution and positioning of the finished product.

The commitment to innovation is always guided by the main principles of the company: the spirit of service and sensitivity towards the environment. In fact, the search for the "new" goes hand in hand with sustainable development and customer focus


We strive for success through positive market dynamics, added value and a vocation for internationalisation.

We consider profits not only as an important indicator of a company's health, but also as a fundamental element for creating future development and wellbeing, which keeps us autonomous, reliable and credible towards suppliers and customers.

We are an Italian company, we have always viewed the domestic market in the same way as the foreign market, aware that Italian creativity and aesthetic sensitivity, and particularly Venetian, are distinguishing traits known and appreciated worldwide.


We work in partnership with our customers to create mutual satisfaction, find innovative solutions, and grow together.

We work with our customers to improve performances, with the stimulus for continual improvement and the desire to always accept new challenges.

The high level of professionalism we have in the three reference markets allows us to work in partnership with the distributors, because for IMPA the finished product is the visible point of a system orientated towards quality and focused on the customer. We consider the service to be an integral part of the research and development process.

Our partners are the main sources of information and the best channels for listening to the market. Jobbing production and co-designing with the customer are excellent opportunities for developing new solutions and new products.


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