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Filler pastes or powder putties for the reconstruction, levelling or filling of defects on wood surfaces or for the preparation of the wall surface.

Substrate preparation

Products for application on plaster, for consolidation, smoothing and restore thickness. Fixatives and insulatings.
Mortars and levelling - Fixatives


Impa offers a range of water-based and solvent-based finishes suitable for the protection of any kind of wood surface: fixtures, matchboarding, attics, wood fences balconies placed both outdoors and indoors.
Primers - Impregnating varnishes - Varnishes


Universal anti-corrosion products suitable for  to be after recoated.


Wide range of enamels for the decoration and the protection of wooden products, iron, galvanized sheet, plastics material and wall surfaces.

Clearing products

Solutions for cleaning and clearing surfaces. Of particular interest is Sanatherm for its innovative technology and for its thermal insulation and preventing condensation properties.

Latex paints

Water-based paints for interiors or exteriors walls, also plasterboard walls, with matt or satin appearance;their main features are high washability and high breathability.
Washables - Breathable

Quartz paints

Water-based and quartz-based paints of differents granulometries for outdoors suitable for covering surface defects and any unevenness.The silica raw materials and the mineral pigments guarantee an high alcali and weather resistance.


Siloxan-based paints and wall covering for the outdoor wall surfaces protection and treatment. The special siloxane resins combining the transpirability typical of mineral products with the waterproofing properties of synthetic binders.


Primer paints, acryl-siloxanics-based filling paints and wall covering with an high water- repellance, elasticity, weather resistance and good transpirability.The wall coverings are available on differents granulometries and with a more and less compact and continuous appearance.


Potassium silicate-based primers and wall covering for outdoor applications without to alter the surfaces transpirability and at the same time ensuring its consolidation and an adequate protection in time.

Elastomeric products

Complete range of acrilic elastomeric resin-based paints that allow the film to accompany the movements of the support without cracking. Products suitable for the elimination of crackings and haircracking caused by vibrations, settlings or movements due to changes in temperature such as in roofs and terraces.Moreover Rubber Stop Amianto is suitable as encapsulation of asbestos-cement surfaces.

Concrete protection

Special resin-based products for to smooth, to protect and to consolidate the surfaces in reinforced concrete.

Plastic coating

Thickness coverings, intonachino products for exterior use that allow compact effects with open grain, suitable for to even out irregularity or microcracks of surfaces.


Two-component epoxy products specifics for industrial and civil floor treatment.


Two component epoxy and polyester mastics for marbles and stones repair and for application both vertical and horizontal. The siloxanic primier Silistone is suitable for protection of facades stone and of cement, marble or bricks surfaces.

Specific products

Solutions for the painting of particular surfaces as road and sport markings, surfaces stained by smoke, nicotine and coffee, cisterns underground.


Intumescent paints for fire passive protection. The anti-fire barrier for iron and reinforced concrete.
Intumescents - Finishes - Miscellanous products

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