The solutions based on the products of the Intumescent Line of IMPA, Barrier, have been used in some of the most scenographical pavilions of EXPO MILAN 2015 – find out all the details !


EXPO Pavilions safer thanks to IMPA 

Four pavilions representing important countries such as Korea, Thailand, France and Rumania have opted to rely on Barrier, the line of intumescent paints of IMPA to resolve the question of fire safety. The IMPA solutions are ideal both for the small-medium-sized structural surfaces treated of some of the areas of the pavilions of France (500 m2) and Rumania (200 m2), and for the larger surface areas of Korea (10,000 m2) and Thailand (about 6,500 m2). All the buildings have had to respect a minimum fire resistance of R 60.



BARRIER 87-1151, the water-soluble intumescent paint of IMPA, has been chosen as the most suitable product, thanks to its special components that create an insulating, non-combustible foam, which protects materials from structural failure delaying the action of fire, and thanks also to the certification in conformity with European ENV 13381 regulations for applications on structures in steel and concrete, as well as the European Technical Approval with EC marking.




The line of IMPA intumescent products used on the worksites in EXPO also includes the special protective finish for Barrier – TOP COATING – which is water-resistant and suitable for application also on manufactured products in steel and structural steelwork as a finishing enamel coat.


As well as intumescent products, other IMPA solutions have been chosen by customers in the EXPO worksites, including the professional opaque washable water-borne paint MATIX specific for plasterboard, ceilings and stands in exhibitions, the satin wall enamel paint OLIMPIC, the quartz acrylic super-washable water-thinnable paint for exteriors QUARZ GOLD, the epoxy top-coat for floors EPOX GRES, besides the rust-proof enamel paint for iron.

Here below are the details of the interventions where IMPA solutions have been utilized, pavilion by pavilion:

EXPO 2015

- Treatment with Barrier 87 on all loadbearing structures in steel
- Treatment of internal painting with MATIX (plasterboard)
- Water-borne top-coat in kitchen and bathroom areas
- Rust-proof paint and top-coat on internal steel stair structures and various structures in iron (partial)
- Quartz paint on the exterior (partial)

EXPO 2015

- Treatment with Barrier 87 on all iron loadbearing structures
- Exterior structures of the roof and protective barriers with rust-proof top-coat
- Grey and white quartz paint on external perimetrical structures
- Black top-coat on walls and ceiling of theatres 1-2-3
- Top-coat for floors in the halls and offices of the ground-floor
- Treatment for interior painting with Matix (plasterboard)
- Rust-proof and top-coat on interior stairs in steel and various guard-rail structures in iron

EXPO 2015

- Treatment with Barrier 87 on all loadbearing structures of the stairs
- Treatment of interior painting with Matix (plasterboard)
- Top-coat for floors, stairs and landings
- Exterior structures of protective barriers with rust-proof top-coats

EXPO 2015

 -  Treatment with Barrier 87 on all steel connecting fixtures in the wooden structures

Barrier small 1www.fireprotectionbarrier.com

Find out more about the IMPA products used in the EXPO MILAN 2015 worksites:


00Barrier 00Top Coating 00Matix
00Olimpic 00GOLDQUARZX 00Epox



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