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IMPA began its production in 1962 in S. Pietro di Feletto, a small town near Conegliano, in the province of Treviso, Veneto. The company resulted from the creative insight and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Annuto Zanardo, who decided to give new horizons to his small decorating business.

The origins


Hence, IMPA was born as a small Venetian workshop, and these are its roots: a dimension where colour is not a product, but history, culture and art, and where technical research always goes hand in hand with the attention to beauty, style, aesthetic and emotional experience.

From a very young age, Annuto Zanardo has worked here and in Turin preparing the undercoats for painters, especially in the field of sacred art. He collaborates with the world-renowned painter, Giuseppe Modolo, who specialises in sacred and modern art, and became celebrated as an artist, first in Tre Venezie and then in Rome.

His experience in the workshop, great passion for painting, scrupulous attention to detail, effect and output, as well as his study and research in finding the materials most suited to the various decorative requirements, led him to the research and development of new types of stuccoes and undercoats.

It was precisely from this research that IMPA was born. A professional company which over time became more and more specialised and less artisan, allowing it to use its commitment, resources, sensitivity and competence to develop better and more effective products designed specifically for new applications.


This is how IMPA began its production of products for the building industry first making a name for itself locally and then inter-regionally, assisted by the strong economic growth of the territory.

Over the years, as the size of the company grew, the owners sensed that the products could be applied to other sectors.

The first step was to design and adjust some products for the marble sector. Then, as the car industry developed, it began developing and marketing new stuccoes for car bodywork repairs. Annuto Zanardo's insight once again proved to be right.

A new production unit was specifically set-up to produce these stuccoes for cars, which was soon joined by the patent for Didoc, an automatic dosing system for catalysts, another commercially successful innovation. At the same time, IMPA expanded its production to include enamels and paints for protecting iron and for industrial applications.

storia02The market expanded rapidly and IMPA became recognised and appreciated throughout Italy and abroad. The vast range of products available allowed the company to enter foreign markets and by the end of the 1980s, the IMPA brand was present in all five continents.

The company promptly invested in technologies and products that provided new solutions to meet the emerging market requirements and the latest regulatory standards of the sector.

This led to the birth of products for yachts, stuccoes for wood, the intumescent paints for fire protection, waterproofing paints for asbestos cladding, water-based paints, products for specific categories of customers (colour professionals, architectural and engineering firms).

And thanks to this dual capacity of being able to listen carefully to the market and to create innovative products and processes, the company's offer continued to increase and became more varied.


IMPA today

IMPA today is a modern company, which belongs to the Paints and Varnishes Group of Federchimica, and a leading Italian manufacturer in this sector. But, above all, it is a company that has known how to evolve and grow, while remaining faithful to its vocation.

storia01Annuto Zanardo tirelessly followed, day after day, the entire production process and had an almost maniacal attention to each product, personally controlling each step of the production process.

A passion for innovation and continual improvement, he was an inspiration and example to everyone who knew him, especially his children. They knew how to develop the company by adapting and respecting their father's original idea: the quality, above all.

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