IMPA MeetUs: learn to grow

At IMPA, we consider training and updating to be a great value that needs to be cultivated in order to develop the relationship with our customers and mutual professional skills.


For this purpose, we organise Meetus Courses specifically for our partners, whether resellers or final applicators. These highly specialised training courses are organised and held by our technical team or professional teachers.

IMPA proposes two different types of training courses, one specifically for resellers aimed at providing all the necessary information and knowledge, both theoretical and practical, on our products and one for professional applicators and users, to learn more about how to use and apply the IMPA products.

MeetUs for applicators

Theory of Colour

Today, knowing the products and "working in the field" is not sufficient. To sell, you also need to know how to communicate. In the training courses for resellers, IMPA proposes a training module on colour (theory of colour, chromatic systems, colormetrics and the Advance tintometric system).

The course is specifically for resellers who want to learn more about the theoretical and practical aspects of colour, and the problems connected to its use and to help the customer make the best colour choices.

Laboratory Industry&Refinish

Resellers in the Car Bodywork and Industry sectors are offered modules dedicated to body repair cycles, sessions of demonstrative applications, a presentation of the IMPA industrial products and theAdvance tintometric system and a refresher course on the VOC standards and other legal obligations.

Building workshop

IMPA has a dedicated series of modules especially for resellers operating in the building sector. These modules focus on more important and topical themes such as the IMPA products for the building industry, colormetrics, and tintometrics with Advance, Barrier system for fire protection, refresher courses on qualified applicative cycles and on the VOC standards and other legal obligations.

MeetUs per applicators

The training courses for final users and professional applicators of IMPA products offer special programs for the Building, Car bodywork and Industrial sectors.

Course for Car bodywork applicators

For professionals in the Bodywork sector, the training modules focus on the entire body repair cycle: from preparing the support to choosing the most suitable products, right through to evaluating the application.

Course for Building applicators

The IMPA MeetUs Courses for final users in the building sector offer different modules relating to interior finishes and solutions for building restoration and preservation. The program includes indoor cycles and solutions as well as outdoor cycles and solutions, in addition to the Barrier system for passive fire protection, themes relating to the preparation of the support and a complete overview on IMPA wall paints for the building industry, their classification and use.

Book your MeetUs course

The courses are available upon request for all IMPA customers. The courses usually run for a day and a half and are held in our offices at San Pietro di Feletto (Treviso).

For more information you can contact the secretarial office at the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone at +39 0438 454909.



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