The most recent results of continuous research

The business strategy focusing on application research and continuous technological innovation was achieved by creating highly effective ideas and solutions.

HT Innovation

"HT Innovation" characterises the hi-tech products and services for the new professional market, its requirements and expectations.

"HT Innovation" is more than just a product brand, it represents a philosophy and a business culture attentive to an ever-evolving market that is constantly looking for new solutions.

In fact, this line of research is part of a path undertaken by the company years ago to develop hi-tech products in line with the most recent scientific innovations.

In 2007, the company was awarded theProduct Stewardship Award, which is given as part of the international Responsible Care program, in recognition of IMPA's dedication to the development and promotion of environmentally friendly products, with the HT Innovation line.

The recent products developed by IMPA are part of the HT research path.


In 2006, IMPA focused on finding new solutions for one of the most important aspects of the building sector: tintometrics, which resulted in the development of the Advance tintometric system.

The innovation of Advance, which is part of the HT program, is that it is amulti-purpose, versatile and complete tintometric system , with 36 colouring pastes that allows creating without distinction colours for water-based and solvent-based products and for every painting cycle in the building and industrial sector.

The Advance system perfectly conveys IMPA's guiding principles: in fact, it is the result of the knowledge, search for quality and work of a team that goes beyond the boundaries of the company to include external collaborations with commercial partners, and a continuous dialogue that allows giving that added value expected by the market.


Orizzonti is the new line of decorative wall paints, products conceived for designing and decorating environments and surfaces.

Con Orizzonti IMPA proposes a container of innovative technical solutions directed towards the future, focusing on style and creativity. All the products are water-based, easy to use and offer excellent workability.



Another area of Research and Development where IMPA has invested is colormetrics.

Our research laboratories developed the Grey8 system as part of the HT Innovation program. This system has expanded the applicative potentials of the Advance tintometric system and introduced an absolutely innovative concept on the market.

Based on the colour desired, Grey8 the system suggests the tonality of grey to use as a base to obtain – with only one application - the best finish in terms of colour coverage and uniformity. Grey8 is a real cutting-edge solution that makes the applicator's job easier, reduces times and costs and above all, guarantees the final result: the exact colour requested by the customer.


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