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A product line for the protection iron and concrete structures.

Two-pack multi-purpose acrylic primer

GREY8 is a colour recognition system capable to identify the best type of grey to apply on the support, according to the desired colour.

A new finish is added to the ORIZZONTI line of decorative paints .
ORIONE is an elegant decoration for interiors that gives surfaces a beautiful metallic-effect finish.

Since 2007, IMPA has been collaborating with ART KITCHEN, a Milanese company consisting of young
talented artists, who promote cultural projects in Italy and worldwide.

Impa for the enviroment

IMPA obtains the CE MARKING for the barrier 87-1151

In accordance with the Normative 89/106/CEE for the building products, Barrier 87-1151 is provided with



The new clear acrylic coat for carbon surfaces

CARBON LUX realizes our attention towards the ongoing development, offering an innovative anti-scratch coating for the carbon fiber surfaces.
You will be amazed by the brillance and depth that gives!
The carbon fibers will be visible in all their three-dimensionality.
CARBON LUX will set a high value on the carbon surface, giving the fine look it deserves!

Quality, our way of doing business

IMPA's attention to quality is the philosophy that characterises its way of doing business.

We want to be a reference point for operators in the paint and painting equipment sector. This entrepreneurial concept focuses on the customer, not on the product. We never get tired of offering excellent products to the market, therefore our mission. From the perspective of complete customer satisfaction, the product is the final part of a system based on service and quality.

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A contemporary business culture

For any company, the respect of the environment is a concern that demonstrates sensitivity and awareness towards our future, a responsible attitude towards a model of sustainable development.